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Three immortal, mythological goddesses invite teenager Dawn Jameson to join them as Fates and share in their power to spin time. The thrill of her new abilities quickly fades as Dawn discovers dark consequences from her meddling in the futures of others. Stalked by an unseen presence, Dawn dodges accidents and fights the gnawing fear that she’s slowly losing her mind as she struggles to complete the initiation trials required for Fatehood without destroying the lives of those around her.


The Fated is an incredible journey from beginning to end. Set in Blacksburg, Virgina, an area with well more unusual activity than befits such a small town, this is one of the most eerie young adult paranormal books I've read. The idea that The Fates are incarnate and living among us — controlling our destiny even to this day —  is a wild concept...especially when they're hot and recruiting teenage girls to continue their duties! The action, dialogue and plot not only make sense — but catch you completely unaware. Five stars for The Fated and promising new author Jennifer Donohue—I'm looking forward to the next book in the series—bring it on!


Donohue is a great storyteller! The Fated had me glued to my seat from the very first page. I can't wait to read the next installments.


Alex Boese, author of Electrified Sheep

Sally Richards, author of Ghosthunting Southern California

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