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Hauntings and weird experiences have followed me since a near-death experience when I almost drowned at the age of three. Maybe my mind is merely more open to what lies beyond the veil, or perhaps my history with dying car batteries and malfunctioning electronics is a sign of something a little extra that I picked up on my trip to the other side. I live the paranormal, so why not write there.
No longer content to play a passive role in the odd happenings around me, and prompted by the overly active ghosts in a house I lived in, I searched for and discovered a local ghost-hunting group. After attending a number of paranormal investigations and completing the extensive training, I was accepted on the Roadside Paranormal investigation team. We investigate haunted locations throughout Southern California and beyond.
As if ghost hunting, writing books, and working a full time job weren’t enough, along the way I completed training in mediumship, healing, and Shamanism. They’re a good counterpoint to my business degree and keep me balanced.
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