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The Fated is the first book in a trilogy that follows teenager Dawn Jameson through the nine trials required to become a goddess of fate. The series questions the role of free will when fate is predetermined, and emphasizes that no matter how set in stone life may seem, there is always a choice.

Set in Blacksburg, Virginia, the small college town where I grew up, The Fated trilogy blurs the line of reality by applying a mystical overlay to real events and locations that are already unique enough on their own. The action unfolds in a manner that is just believable enough to be possible, while helping readers see the magic in the world around them.​

Don't bother asking how much of the story is based on fact, I'll never tell and you wouldn't believe me even if I did. Some things are obvious, and you can read about them in old news stories, but others you had to see in person. For a town, Blacksburg isn't really all that small, but try telling that to its ability to keep secrets.

The Fated

Three immortal, mythological goddesses persuade teenager Dawn Jameson to join them as Fates and share in their power to spin time. The thrill of her new abilities quickly fades as Dawn discovers dark consequences from her meddling in the futures of others. Stalked by an unseen presence, Dawn dodges mysterious accidents and fights the gnawing fear that she’s slowly losing her mind as she struggles to complete the initiation trials required for Fatehood without destroying the lives of those around her.

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